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PriMatrix® Dermal Repair Scaffold is a unique scaffold for the management of the most challenging wounds. Derived from fetal bovine dermis, this novel acellular dermal matrix provides an ideal environment to support cellular repopulation and revascularization processes critical in wound healing. PriMatrix is particularly rich in Type III collagen, a collagen found in fetal dermis that is active in developing and healing tissues. For more information on this product, visit the manufacturer's website.

Stryker Champion Shoulder Instrumentation

Stryker's Champion shoulder instrumentation set is excellent for both open and arthroscopic surgery, including rotator cuff repair, trans-rotator cuff repair and SLAP repair.  The set includes all the tools for bone and tissue preparation as well more>>

Stryker Meniscal Transplant Set

Stryker's Meniscal Transplant Set and Slot Instruments are designed to improve efficiency, reproducibility, and quality of allograft meniscus transplantation for either medial or lateral allograft transplantation. This all-inclusive set is designed more>>


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